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Soundwave ((8)) Biennial at the Internet Archive

Untitled (WALL)

XUXA SANTAMARIA (Sofía Córdova and Matt Gonzalez Kirkland)

San Francisco, CA

Experimental music and video duo XUXA SANTAMARIA (artists Sofía Córdova and Matthew Gonzalez Kirkland) created a video maze stitched together from video games, Second Life, early screensavers, chat rooms, Myspace, and other renditions of physical architecture from a virtual realm that are drawn from the holdings of the Internet Archive.  Their electronic instrumentation, samples, vocals and video piece will channel the sense of utopian promise and uncanny alienation which have characterized online spaces for as long as humans have existed within them.

California College of the Arts Gala Exhibition

Dalia Anani, Patricia Leal, Dionne Lee, Weston Teruya, Ann Weber

San Francisco, CA


The 2018 CCA Gala honored the work of Kay Kimpton Walker who nurtured the careers of young artists through her gallery, K Kimpton Contemporary Art, and is well known for supporting their unique visions and building strong friendships. Walker's ongoing championing of artists ensures that the local arts community continues to thrive. This exhibition celebrates CCA alumni artists across generations who had a foundational beginning in the Bay Area and whose work notes this spirit of community, friendship, and individuality at the heart of celebrating Walker.

The featured artworks inhabit processes of folding, cutting, and layering. Some contain boundaries signifying bodies that incur invisibility and inaccessibility as they move through the world, while others utilize a blend of materials to discuss a method of inhabiting personal, political, and social histories within the past, present, and future.


Natural Affinity: California Women Sculptors in the Landscape

Gwynn Murrill, Lisa Reinertson, Alison Saar

Sonoma Plaza, Sonoma, CA


Sonoma Valley Museum of Art presents a second season of public art in Sonoma Plaza on view from June 8 - October 21, 2018. Artworks included are by Gwynn Murrill, Lisa Reinertson, and Alison Saar. Each of these women sculptors plays an important role in evolving the canon of California art and in the art of sculpture. Their artwork features a shared concern for the natural world as well as human- animal interests concerning friendship, love, and the parent-child bond.